How Do You Hire the Right Exterior Cleaning Company?

How Do You Hire the Right Exterior Cleaning Company?


Did you know that there are an estimated 7.2 million people living in the Northwest of England? In fact, it’s the most populated region outside of the Southeast, with around 13.6% of the entire country’s residents living there. Of course, the majority of those people live in the Northwest’s major urban centers – Liverpool, Chester, Preston, and so on – but many others reside in the wider Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire areas.

Why do we bring this up? Well, partly because we have a vested interest – we do a lot of our work in the Northwest here at Garna, you see! Mostly, though, we wanted to give you an idea of just how many homes there are in this region. Because all of those homes have exteriors that need cleaning, there are obviously a whole load of exterior cleaning companies out there vying for the work.

So, how can you possibly begin to narrow down your many, many choices? How can you hire the right exterior cleaning company, for your particular needs? Here are the three biggest questions you need to ask.


  • Are They Experienced?


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. When it comes to exterior cleaning, there’s absolutely nothing more valuable than sheer experience.


Experience brings so many benefits with it. A more seasoned exterior cleaning company will likely work quicker, be safer and more reliable, and will achieve better results.


Here at Garna, we’ve been in the exterior cleaning game for over two decades, making us comfortably one of the more experienced companies in the Northwest.



  • Are They Versatile?


Choosing the right exterior cleaning company can be time-consuming, so – once you’ve made your pick – you definitely don’t want to be searching for a new one any time soon. To help avoid this possibility, we highly recommend picking a well-rounded exterior cleaning company.


Choose one that can only do jet washing, for example, and you’ll need to search again when you have another need.

Choose one like Garna, however – who can carry out basically any exterior cleaning task you require – and you won’t have to search again for a very long time.



  • Are They Professional?


There are a few sub-questions to ask here. “Will they arrive on time?”, for example. “Will they do exactly what they’ve said they will?” “Will they deliver great customer service?”, and so on.


There are various ways to gauge how professional a company are. You can go through their website, check out their blog, and quickly see whether or not they know what they’re talking about. You can look at photos on their website too, to see the kinds of results they can achieve.


Finally, you can just find out how long they’ve been in business. Quite simply, if a company has been going for over 20 years, like Garna… well, they’re probably pretty good at what they do!


There you have it – our answer to the question, “How do you hire the right exterior cleaning company?” Of course, eagle-eyed readers amongst you will have spotted that Garna check every single box with aplomb! How about that!

So, if you’d like to save all that time it takes to carry out a full search, and simply plump for the best exterior cleaning company operating in the Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside areas straight away… we’d say that’s a pretty smart move! To do precisely that, just pick up the phone and call 0800 0933 267 now.



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