How Often Should Your Commercial Property Be Cleaned?

Being the smart, sensible and successful business that you undoubtedly are, we’re sure you already know the benefits of always ensuring your premises look presentable. Not only does it ensure that customers and clients will be attracted towards you instead of your competitors, but it also creates a professional working environment in which your employees can thrive.

We’re guessing you also know, of course, that these effects can’t be achieved without the help of a professional commercial or industrial building cleaning company. What you probably don’t know – as most people don’t – is how often you should be engaging this company. What’s the happy middle ground between maintaining your property’s appearance, and not overspending on cleaning costs?

It’s definitely a conundrum, but – fortunately – exterior cleaning is an area in which Garna Ltd (that’s us, by the way!) have a great deal of experience! We’ve been cleaning commercial and industrial properties in places like Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and further afield for many years now, and we’d like to use that expertise to help you out.

There are three main ways to go about deciding how often to have your business premises cleaned:

  • Regular Cleaning

This is a must. Even if you like the sound of the next two suggestions, it’s still entirely necessary for you to have regular, scheduled exterior cleaning for your business. This is the only way to ensure it’s consistently looking its best, which – as we mentioned above – is vital for various reasons.

How frequent should this regular cleaning be? As a general rule of thumb, we’d recommend getting it at least quarterly. If you run a business in which appearances and hygiene are crucial, though – like a pub or restaurant – you should order it more often. If you’re running an industrial operation, where foot traffic obviously isn’t so important, you could probably get away with less.

  • Seasonal Change

If you don’t want to commit to regular, scheduled cleanings, then this is an easy way to remember it’s time for a good exterior cleaning session. When the weather changes, it’s time for a clean, basically!

Looking to save costs? Well, in that case, spring and summer are probably the most important seasons for commercial building cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to blast away the algae, grime and other nasty substances that will have built up over the winter. In summer, you’ll simply want your premises looking as attractive as possible from an aesthetic point of view, to fit in with the nicer weather.

  • Special Occasion

Again, we can’t stress the importance of regular commercial exterior cleaning enough, even if you’re not getting ready for any particular event.

If you do have a big occasion coming up, however – whether it be Valentine’s Day at a restaurant or an investors’ meeting at your office – it’s a great idea to get some exterior cleaning in just for that. It’ll be an extra charge for your business, sure, but the importance of having your premises looking their best for occasions like this surely outweighs the cost.

Those are the three main ways to go about deciding how often to order professional exterior cleaning on your commercial or industrial building.

Of course, if you’d still like more advice – or to simply book in some cleaning straight away – we’d be delighted to talk to you! If you’re based in the Liverpool, Preston or Chester areas – or basically anywhere else in the UK, for that matter – then please get in touch today. To do so, just ring 0800 0933 267, or email

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