Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

Is your roof covered in moss?   Is the moss causing further damage which will result in expensive repairs? We can remove moss and treat the cause on any type of roof . We provide a safe cost effective roof cleaning service delivered on time and within budget.


Dirty Moss filled Roof? We will make it look like New

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Cleaning Process

We use a method called soft-washing using an eco-friendly biodegradable product which is applied with low-pressure washing as this will not damage the tiles.   We remove the moss by scrapers or brush by hand.  Before cleaning the roof, we will assess and advise on any broken and/or chipped roof tiles, repairs needed to cement and if any rainwater pipes need unblocking.

There are several reasons why solely high-pressure jet washing is not recommended.  Even with the most extensive clean, the spores will remain on the surface of the tiles, the tile overlaps and in the cement.  These spores grow very quickly in our inclement weather, resulting in the roof being totally covered in moss again.  Hence why a biodegradable biocide is required to completely kill off any moss, lichen or algae.

Roof Cleaning Process

After each project we undertake, and if you are happy with the results, we can discuss our Maintenance Plans, which when followed, will protect the roof for years to come.

If you would like to discuss the ways in which our Roof Cleaning service can benefit your business or commercial property, please call Garna for free.  We will be happy to give you a no- obligation quote or free advice.  You also have the option to fill in our on-line form, so do not delay, contact us now.