Why you Should Hire a Professional Roof Cleaning Company in Lancashire

Mossy roofs can be a persistent problem because even after the moss is removed it will often grow back and it can be especially visible after a wet winter.

So what can you do about it? You could try scraping it off yourself but that would mean climbing onto the roof, which is dangerous. Also you risk breaking roof tiles which would then have to be replaced. However if you leave the moss where it is, it will look bad and because moss holds water it can lead to roof problems that you would then have to pay to get fixed.

This is where Garna comes in.  We offer expert domestic and commercial roof cleaning services in Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, all over the North-West and the rest of the country by special request.

Sometimes the problem is not moss but lichen or discolouration. If you run a business you want your premises to look attractive so it makes sense to have the roof cleaned as part of the over-all presentation of your property. Garna can help you with the roof cleaning and also with any power washing needs you may have. It makes sense to get all your cleaning maintenance done at the same time as this would be the most economical. We at Garna understand that power washing and roof cleaning are a need, not a want so we aim to make the experience as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

The first thing we do when coming on site is asses the problem. Roof cleaning is a specialist job and every roof is different. We will tell you if we find any existing tile damage at the assessment stage and we will decide how best to treat your particular problem. We at Garna have a head for heights, we have to, it’s our job. We will give you a free itemised quotation so that you know exactly what you are paying for and we will take all the risks so that you stay safe on the ground.

The other advantage of getting a well-established roof cleaning company to do the job for you is that we have all the right insurance, so there are no risks to you either physically or financially. We always treat our customers honestly and never pressure them into having something they don’t want.

We can offer you our roof cleaning services on a one off or a regular basis and if you want we can check in on you once a year just to see how things are going.

So if your property is in Southport, Bolton, Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Stockport, Northwich, Macclesfield, Chester, Crewe, Stoke on Trent or anywhere in between we can help you.

If you need any kind of roof cleaning done please do not hesitate to call us on: 07973 21602 or if you like you can use our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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